Business Coaching: Start with Why?

 "All organizations start with WHY,

but only the great ones keep their WHY clear year after year.”

― Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

The view from your side of the desk...

 Why hire a business coach?

 Just ask John Warrillow, founder of "The Sellability Score".  In a recent article for he states: “High performers in any field have a coach or mentor…and outsider's perspective can be more valuable than you suspect.”

Did you know that the top 20% of successful business people use coaches?

Why is business coaching growing at a phenomenal rate? There is only one answer and that is RESULTS!  Here results mean significant growth in sales revenue, business value, employee satisfaction, and for the owner's quality of life. The business coach is the same secret weapon used by mega organizations because the coach becomes the catalyst to achieving desired goals and attaining higher levels of performance.

Business owners excel when they agree to accountability for growth strategies and receive additional knowledge, experience and tools delivered from an outside, independent resource. We provide the seasoned feedback (and sometimes the voice of reason!) to help you pursue the shortest path to extraordinary success! Having a coach has simply become a business necessity. 

Okay, that’s the PULL and here's the PUSH!

The view from our side of the desk...

Most great business coaches possess the following:

  • A successful and dynamic business background
  • In-depth experience in all areas of business
  • A tool kit of tested methods to analyze the business challenges
  • Credentialed coaching certification

This is what Trailblazer Advisors brings to the equation…
but there’s more!

We love what we do. At this stage in a long, rewarding and sometimes frustrating careers, our team thrives on the tremendous satisfaction of supporting your success.  And we are prepared to help with the upside and the downside. 

You see, the tabloids recently are sharing some unfortunate news---American businesses are being destroyed faster than they are being created! In a recent study by the Brookings Institution, the American economy is less entrepreneurial now than any time in the last three decades.*  Businesses in this country are collapsing faster than they are being formed. This is a setback, plain and simple.  It implies a continuation of slow growth on our shores for the indefinite future. They call it “a lack of economic dynamism” and it will affect job growth, recovery, and every business in the US. 

We need to get back on track.  We get back to growth in new and existing businesses.  We need to recover the spark that spurred so many to follow and expand their vision.  That is what made this country strong.  That’s our  "why" at Trailblazer Advisors.

Why work with Trailblazer Advisors and the Leadership Institute? 
Our approach is straight-forward.  We combine eight decades of our own corporate and entrepreneurial experience with state-of-the-art business instruments and certified business coaching skills.  We have walked in your shoes and we are prepared to make a difference in your career and your business.  We have the expertise you need in any business challenge for:

Strategic Planning

We’ve got the tools. Ask us about our Business Growth Index!

Marketing Plans

We've got models and processes adaptable to your needs.

Sales Growth

Count on 30 years of in-the-trenches experience.

Customer Service Improvement

No better seasoning here than ownership of a customer support business!

Human Resources

We have literally employed hundreds of thousands.  We can make a positive impact on your policies and procedures and your issues.

Business Systems

From Ops to IT---How would you like a bona-fide Six Sigma Blackbelt working for you?

Financial Management

Get your metrics and cashflow in order with our experts

Leadership Effectiveness

This is the core of your business and ours!

Okay…we have the right stuff.  Call us for a no obligation consult... you'll be glad you did!  And, by the way.... 

When you work with us, you get the best coaching and training in the marketplace today…guaranteed.  Yes, GUARANTEED.  Let’s talk!

*(See link to Washington Post article, May 5, 2014 resources section)